Boss Season 18 Release Date and Hosts

Presented by Salman Khan, Bigg Boss stands as an Indian reality show modeled after the original Dutch series, Big Brother. Within the confines of a shared house, termed the “Bigg Boss House,” participants, dubbed housemates, coexist without external contact. Weekly, these residents nominate two peers for potential eviction, with the audience subsequently determining the ousted individual via voting. Season 17 graced screens from October 15, 2023, to January 28, 2024. As for Season 18, the release date remains a topic of interest. Here’s all the latest information on the forthcoming season’s release date.

The official release date for Bigg Boss Season 18 remains undisclosed at present, yet anticipation for its announcement is palpable.


As of late January 2024, there has been no confirmation regarding the production of the 18th season of Bigg Boss. However, given the show’s enduring popularity in India’s reality TV landscape, it’s reasonable to anticipate updates about its potential return. With a track record of annual seasons since 2006 (barring 2007) and a consistent release pattern in the fourth quarter of each year from Season 3 onwards, it’s plausible to project a late 2024 premiere for Bigg Boss Season 18.

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Please note that this projection is speculative and based on available information as of the time of writing.

The anticipated release of Bigg Boss 18 could possibly unfold on Colors TV.

This expectation is grounded in the fact that Colors TV has been the exclusive broadcaster of Bigg Boss 18 Watch Online Today Episode
(Hindi) since its second season. Should Season 18 be greenlit, ComingSoon will promptly update viewers with confirmation.

The official synopsis for Bigg Boss encapsulates its premise:
“The Indian adaptation of the reality series where participants, known as ‘housemates,’ cohabit in a purpose-built residence, cut off from external influence. Weekly, housemates nominate two peers for eviction, with those garnering the most nominations subject to public vote for elimination.”

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